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New 2.3 Version of EvaProperty.com, Cloud-based Property Management System Released. Property Management Gets Easier and More Stable

EvaProperty.com Team is happy to announce the launch of a newly updated version of EvaProperty.com 2.3, a cloud-based property management system for landlords and property managers.

The new release includes general system improvements and implementation of new features designed to ease up the property management process notably.

EvaProperty.com is a unique, fully turnkey cloud-based management system for residential and commercial properties. With EvaProperty.com property owners and managers can store all information concerning their properties, tenants, vendors and applicants in one place, track and manage all necessary activities online from any device connected to the internet. Basic account of EvaProperty.com includes units and tenant management, online rent collection tool, lease management, internal communication tool, instant work orders, services and reports management and system-integrated marketing website. Also, there is an option to give tenants, vendors and applicants personal access to the system.

The EvaProperty.com Team is proud to present the upgraded version of EvaProperty.com featuring IOS application, Dwolla and Authorized payment systems integration and a lot of other improvements and upgrades including bug fixes and small redesign.

The new, iOS 7 optimized 1.3 Version of EvaProperty application allows users to take a system features tour and register a free basic account right away from the iPhone or iPad without worrying about the data security. Now idevice owners can enjoy the full iPad optimization which makes mobile property management seamless and easy.

"New version of the iOS application is 100% integrated with your account at EvaProperty.com. It makes managing properties even more convenient and swift when you are out of office", says Bohdan Symchych, Deputy Head of Software Development Department at EvaProperty.com.

Another significant upgrade is official Dwolla and Authorized payment systems integration. From now on, EvaProperty.com users can accept payments online with Dwolla and Authorized payment services. This integration allows any business or person to send, request and accept money online. EvaProperty.com seamlessly integrates your tenants' and applicants' data and payments directly to the dashboard providing users with enhanced timesavings and usability. Both payment systems ensure that users information and transactions are protected, encrypted and securely transmitted.

"Thousands of businesses, nonprofits and people use Dwolla and Authorized to move millions of dollars every day, so we decided to make our system even more convenient by integrating them both. Now our users don't have to waste time to get paper checks in order to receive rental payments. No more third-party websites, all payments are processed via EvaProperty.com doing this process fully automated. These systems will help transfer money directly from a tenant's bank account to a landlord's bank account or backward and that's amazing!" Says Alina Nagirniak, Director of Production Operations at EvaProperty.com

And thats not the end, in order to make the system run as smoothly as possible we improved the rental application module, simplified registration form, improved Community Board module, added Google Street View Address autocomplete option, designed new templates for your marketing website and much more.

However, our work is never done here at EvaProperty, Cloud-based Property Management System, so we keep improving it towards creating the best software on the market.

Vitaliy Defranko
CEO at EvaProperty.com LLC

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