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Nevron Is Proud to Announce the New Nevron Vision for SharePoint 2014.1 Release!

Nevron Software proudly announces the Vision for SharePoint 2014 Vol. 1! The most advanced data visualization web parts for SharePoint Pages is now faster and more sophisticated than ever!

Nevron Vision for SharePoint delivers the most advanced Chart and Gauge Web Parts, helping SharePoint users to aggregate and visualize their essential data with maximum accuracy and style. With this major release Nevron takes data visualization features in SharePoint to a whole new level by optimizing the web parts rendering engine and adding built-in support for chart calculated series (trend lines).

Following is a summary of the new features introduced by the 2014.1 release:

The Chart web part now uses the highly optimized Nevron Chart for .NET 2014.1 charting engine. This leads to performance improvements in nearly all charting types. Significant performance gains are experienced in all 3D charting types.

Calculated Series
The Chart report web part has full support for Calculated Series. Calculated Series are line series that are attached to a master series and display a trend line or formula that is based on the master series values. In the 2014.1 we have added support for the following calculated series formulas:
Min / Max / Median / Cumulative / Sum / Average / Exponential / Average / Root Mean Square / Standard Deviation / Bollinger Bands / Envelopes / Simple Moving Average / Weighted Moving Average / Exponential Moving Average / Modified Moving Average / Median Price / Typical Price / Weighted Close / Positive Direction Indicator / Directional Movement / Negative Direction Indicator
Index / Average Directional Movement / Average True Range / Chaikin's Volatility / Commodity Channel Index / De- trended Price Oscillator / Mass Index / Momentum / Momentum Division / Moving Average / Convergence Divergence / Performance / Rate of Change / Relative Strength Index / Stochastic Oscillator / TRIX / True Range /Williams's % R

The calculated series also feature full control over their appearance, chart area, display on axes, data labels, data labels layout, markers, action and formula specific parameters.

Others Pie Group
The Chart web part now has built-in support for grouping pie slices that are below a certain value or percent in an "Others" group. The "Others" group label, appearance and action is also fully controllable. The "Others" group feature greatly increases the readability of pie charts with multiple small slices.

Get Started Today
You can start with your SharePoint dashboard development today. The fully-functional evaluation comes with great number of examples, demonstrating various features and styling options of the Chart and Gauge web parts.

Try the Free and Fully-Functional Evaluation:
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