Netpeak Releases New Free On-page SEO Tool

Netpeak represents a new free tool for the internal optimization analysis of your website - Netpeak Spider.

Netpeak represents a new free SEO tool for the internal optimization analysis of small and large websites - Netpeak Spider.
The functional of Netpeak Spider allows webmasters to carry out a detailed work on the bugs with the site. It if very useful for on-page optimization. Netpeak Spider will show the following important information after the site analysis:

all duplicates of meta tags allocation: H1, title, keywords, description;
detection of pages with missing meta tags: H1, title, keywords, description;
all site links with a 404 error;
all site links with a redirect;
scan of all the pages in the index of Google;
review of all external links on the site;
anchor texts of inbound links review;
robots.txt file and meta Robots content analysis;
all the canonical elements review and analysis: links and HTTP headers.

Netpeak Spider helps to make site perfect for the search engine and users! Dublicate content is very popular reason of poor ranking. Our tool can help find dublicate content and close it's indexation using canonical meta tag (recommended way).

This is not first free SEO tool from Netpeak. Another free program called Netpeak Checker. Netpeak Checked is designed for mass analysis of websites (domains). The program has the ability to save stories, and also exporting the results. The program has very high speed and can work with large amount of data. Netpeak Checker can use proxy servers and Antigate service.

Netpeak Checker has already become a popular program:

9000 downloads of the program;
24,000 launches in the past five months;
8,000 users launched the program at least once in the last 5 months.

Netpeak stands for error-free SEO!

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