NETIA Enhances Radio-Assist 8 With Integrated Music Scheduling And Video Editing Tools

NETIA, a leading software manufacturer of media asset management and radio automation solutions, today announced significant enhancements to its Radio-Assist 8 range of digital audio automation software.

NETIA, a leading software manufacturer of media asset management and radio automation solutions, announced significant enhancements to its Radio-AssistTM 8 range of digital audio automation software. The newly released Radio-Assist 8.1 offers the same robust array of tools for streamlined end-to-end multimedia production, broadcast, and publication workflows, as well as two additional significant features: a new integrated music scheduling application and new video editing capability from within a single user interface.

"As the radio broadcast industry has evolved, we have refined our Radio-Assist software suite to continue providing the functionality our clients need," said Daniel Dedisse, product director at NETIA. "With the release of Radio-Assist 8.1, we've built valuable editing and scheduling tools right into the same user interface that supports the overall workflow. By making a more robust toolset readily available within NETIA software, we give users more flexibility in delivering quality audio and video to audiences."

NETIA's Radio-Assist family of digital audio software programs covers each part of the production and broadcast workflow, allowing users to record, edit, or prepare a playlist. In addition to new browse and publishing tools for full multimedia functionality, the software features tools for acquisition, sound-file editing, commercial and music production, newsroom systems, scheduling, multicasting, and administration.

Radio-Assist 8.1 builds on these capabilities by allowing users to leverage built-in music scheduling functionality. With music management tools integrated into Radio-Assist 8.1's FederAll playlist preparation module, users can automate playlist generation according to preset criteria, business policies, and a wide range of intelligent options for sequencing music.

The video editing tool now available within the Radio-Assist 8.1 interface complements the software's Snippet and Snippet+ audio editing tools. Offering a convenient editing solution, this enhancement addresses the growing demand for radio broadcasters to provide video via their online portals. This simple and easy-to-use editing tool is available through the same GUI as the Snippet tool, providing a familiar utility that allows staff to produce video clips with very little training.

NETIA's booth, SU812, at the 2012 NAB Show highlights these and further functional and technical enhancements that add to the value of Radio-Assist 8.1 in today's radio broadcast operations.

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