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Neoteric UK Shines Again in the Great British Business Show

Neoteric UK shone with their E-commerce seminar room and stand in the Excel Business show in May 2014.

Neoteric UK made a splash at the Great British Business Show once more last month amongst a crowd of 25,000 businesses, with a highly successful e-commerce workshop and a ground-breaking seminar on digital marketing.

Company directors, technical experts and sales team members were out in full force at Neoteric's two stands from May 15th to 16th , including senior business development manager Caspar Dean, who presented "Simple Steps to Digital Success" from the Neoteric UK seminar booth. Speaking from over 6 years of experience in the e-commerce industry, Dean showed over 60 attendees how to make the most of online marketing opportunities for their businesses with Neoteric's specialties of SEO techniques, social media, and conversion optimisation.

Caspar Dean presents "Simple Steps to Digital Success" from the Neoteric UK seminar booth.

After 10 years in the industry, Neoteric UK has built successful websites for over 5000 businesses across the globe, including hundreds of start-ups and small businesses building from the ground up. Now that their business model has expanded to digital marketing, social media, PPC and mobile apps, Neoteric was well placed to present a workshop at the Great British Business Show on getting started in e-commerce. Over the two days, almost 300 attendees learned how to launch their business into the digital sphere with Neoteric UK's e-commerce website builder - from stunning website themes on platforms like Magento and Wordpress, to basic digital marketing techniques. The response was excellent, with high attendance at all 13 workshops during the show.

Wayne Shaw running one of Neoteric UK's e-commerce workshops at the Great British Business Show, May 2014.

As a company dedicated to helping small businesses find commercial success, Neoteric UK representatives said they appreciated the chance to take part in the UK's largest business show alongside industry giants such as Paypal, 3M and LinkedIn. "We consider it an important opportunity to feature in a show like this, with so many small businesses and start-ups in our portfolio," said Peru Buesa, Relationship Manager at Neoteric UK. "We were very happy to be able to expand our network and exchange points of view on a very competitive and ever-changing industry."

This is Neoteric UK's second appearance at the Great British Business Show, after their debut at Kensington Olympia in 2013. With two successful exhibitions under their belt, the company has high hopes for the future as it continues to grow as one of the UK's top digital marketing agencies.

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