Neoplexonline Brings Great Deals on Swooper Flags

Neoplexonline is a provider of affordable signs, flags, banners and markers for all kinds of purposes. They have a wealth of experience and produce products that are top shelf within the industry.

NeoPlexOnline is now offering cheap wholesale bulk pricing on a wide range of high quality swooper flag designs and custom titles. The materials employed and the graphics are all top shelf in this rare opportunity to businesses that are seeking to engage in effective and affordable marketing maneuvers.

The swooper flag has firmly etched its place in the marketing world which is why a lot of top businesses have long adopted it. They are a sight that see and drive by on a daily basis as they wave and flash their colorful messages. You might have also heard people call them by myriad names such as banner flags, feather flags, and beach flags among many others.

Neoplexonline has been making swooper flags for the business world for some time now. The experience that has been gained over the years is evident in the high quality workmanship that is exercised in the making of all products. This wealth of industry experience has also enabled the bringing down of production costs to bring you affordable products for your business and home.

Our Swooper Flags stand at an amazing 15feet after mounting and provide for the easiest mounting requirements for any pole mounted flag. They are made in such a way that allows them to dance and wave even in the slightest of winds. They are a great tool in attracting attention to their message and consequently your business in an easy, uncomplicated and affordable way that has proven results.

At the launch of this promotion, the head of the marketing department at NeoplexOnline implored business to "take advantage of this great window of opportunity to get marketing tools that have the coding to bring wholesale positive changes…."

Established in 1984, NeoPlexOnline is a top producer of flags, signs, vinyl banners and markers. The company has huge experience in the fabrication and manufacturing of plastics and wood. Facilities are located in Washington and Illinois and you can place your orders and/or get more information by calling 1-800-451-9779 ext. 201 or send your mail to You can also use the contact form.

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