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Neilson Capital Plan to Refocus on Commodities

HONG KONG -- Neilson Capital today announced that they will be significantly investing in commodities. The business will now focus on Neilson Capital's core competencies of precious metals and minerals.

Neilson Capital's Global Head of Natural Resources, Mr. Glenn Phillips said: "This decision will result in Manley Financial dedicating more trading desks for energy, agriculture, base metals and dry bulk.

A Special Commodities Group has been established which will manage the day to day operations of the department. The financial derivatives and precious metals businesses will be integrated into Neilson Capital's Fixed Income and Currencies platform to take advantage of existing synergies available at Neilson Capital.

Neilson Capital's Global Head of Investments, Mr. Colin Lewis said: "As part of Strategy 2014+, we are actively managing and reviewing our business portfolio. The decision to refocus our commodities business is based on our identification of more attractive ways to deploy our capital and resources for the best return for the clients of Neilson Capital."

Neilson Capital was founded by our 4 Senior Directors; Brothers Richard Neilson (Managing Director) and Arthur Neilson (Director of Operations and Finance), together with Michael Tsang (Director and Head of Treasury) and Francis Knight (Director of Risk and Compliance).

Neilson Capital opened in January of 1997 in Hong Kong with nearly 100 years of operational investment experience within our four founding fathers alone and the company has blossomed ever since. Their experience alone affords a deep expertise and previously proven ability and know-how in providing high-class offshore wealth management services to private retail investors, high-net-worth individuals and families. This was an invaluable foundation on which the company has been built on and continued to flourish to this day.

After the economic collapse in late 2008 we had to reassess our business model despite not being directly affected as unlike many of our competitors we had no exposure to sub-prime investments. We did however start actively seeking private retail investors who wanted the same levels of service, solid returns and access to otherwise traditionally been the preserve of institutions, sovereign wealth funds and family trust. At this time we also changed the name of our firm from Neilson, Neilson, Tsang and Knight & Company to Neilson Capital.

As part of our expansion, we have added branch offices in Shanghai (2009), Taipei (2010) and Tokyo (2013) following acquisitions of regional firms with an established footprint in these important markets.

From this proactive approach, Neilson Capital have steadily grown our private retail investor division with it now accounting for nearly 60% of our overall business and growing. The majority of this growth has been down to word-of-mouth business which is a fact that we are very proud of and testament to the quality of service we provide each and every one of our clients no matter who they are.

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