Natural Health Consumers Challenged To Find Reliable Information

Health consumers are increasingly favoring non-drug approaches to their chronic health conditions. However, educational resources on those natural health strategies are unreliable and biased. Natural Health Advisory's new website fills that void.

More and more proactive health consumers are favoring a "natural health first" approach to their chronic health conditions and are resorting to the doctor's script pad only as a last resort. A U.S. government report published in 2009 confirmed that consumers spent $33.9 Billion on these natural healing modalities in 2007 and the number is growing. In spite of this, consumers are challenged and confused by the vast number of these techniques available and whether they are safe or even effective. Most all the medical educational information on the internet - even from medical doctors themselves - is either blatantly biased toward patented drug solutions or to some natural product the writer himself is selling. Frustrated consumers are seeking a source of unbiased information regarding the best available natural healing practices involving their own specific health condition in order for them to make a decision about which strategy to follow. Natural Health Advisory Institute, LLC has answered that call by launching an evidence-based natural health educational website where advice is based on the clinical results of practicing integrative physicians and on science based clinical research studies.

Proactive women looking for relief from osteoporosis symptoms have learned of the frightening long term side effects of the drugs designed to increase bone density. Men and women are trying to learn how to reduce triglycerides naturally and how to lower LDL naturally because they've heard of the frequent muscle and bone pain associated with cholesterol lowering drugs. Many are seeking natural remedies for depression because they've read the studies that say that antidepressant drugs are no more effective than a placebo for most patients who take them. That is not very comforting when the serious mood, weight gain and even suicide side effects of these antidepressants are considered. But in seeking out the best non-drug solutions to osteoporosis symptoms, or to lower LDL naturally, or to find natural remedies for depression, consumers get paltry guidance from their conventionally trained doctor. In fact, if they resist their doctor's drug oriented approach they sometimes are made to feel ridicule for questioning the process. These doctors most of the time have simply not been trained to understand or appreciate the efficacy and safety of natural healing modalities.

Tom Vick, founder and Executive Editor of has said "I believe many people who are trying to learn how to lower LDL naturally or who are seeking natural remedies for depression are doing so because they are convinced this is the better way to go. Our credentialed authors - some of whom are doctors themselves - do the research for the consumer and summarize it in a way that can be accessed quickly and understood completely. We do not sell health products so we do not have the obvious bias that causes the consumer to question the exaggerated claims of the product pushers. For the proactive natural health consumer with a specific chronic health condition who wants to learn which strategies work and which do not, we provide the reliable and authoritative information they are seeking."


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