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Natural Foods Chef Angela Anderson Creates Healing Foods Focused On Cancer Recovery

Angela Anderson is pleased to launch the official opening of The Hippo Kitchen, Inc., a meal preparation and delivery service focused on the dietary needs of a cancer patient.


The Hippo Kitchen brings a totally new perspective to the role prepared foods can plays in cancer recovery. Driven by a passion to partner with Houston's world-renowned cancer treatment community and contribute to the healing experience, The Hippo Kitchen combines the expertise of a classically trained, health-supportive chef with the experience of healthcare providers and patients to create meals that promote healing during the treatment of cancer.

"As a personal chef, I often asked myself if there was a way to bring the meals I was preparing for cancer patients and cancer survivors, which focused not only on healing but also on alleviating common side effects of cancer therapies, to people who did not have access to a personal chef service." stated Angela Anderson, Executive Chef and CEO of The Hippo Kitchen. "I am excited at the opportunity to mesh my passion for food as a tool for healing and expertise as a chef to create a menu that supports a cancer patient in their fight against cancer and is easily accessible to both the patient and their loved ones." Added Megan Geist, Chief Marketing Officer, "We have created a very close relationship with Houston's world-renowned healthcare providers, including physicians, nurses, dieticians and nutritionists to better understand the patient's needs in creating our menus and product purchase and delivery system. Ease of use is a primary focus. It has to be simple and accessible".

About The Hippo Kitchen
The founding principle of The Hippo Kitchen is the Hippocrates quote "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food". With a passion for healing-focused meals and strong partnerships in healthcare, The Hippo Kitchen is poised to support patients in the great city of Houston, TX, home to the world-renowned Texas Medical Center.

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