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Nationally Recognized Integrative Physician Launches Holistic Medical Facilities in Brooklyn

Dr. Kokayi, the nationally distinguished integrative physician has opened a holistic medical practice in Brooklyn, to treat patients with a multidisciplinary approach instead of single medical ideology

Nationally recognized Integrative Physician, Dr. Kamau Kokayi (MD) has announced his latest launch of holistic medical services in the Prospect Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn. The practice is named My Health Matters. This esteemed doctor brings with him with a practice nexus of health practitioners within the New York Metropolitan community with highly developed skills in their respective disciplines.

Dr. K. Kokayi has earned his Medical degree from Yale University & is a College Scholar from Cornell University. He has been a family practitioner since 1985 but with a slightly different focus and emphasis in care. Dr Kokayi has amassed a skill set that sets him apart from your traditionally educated primary care physician. Dr Kokayi has done extensive training in Chinese medicine, Homoeopathy, Applied Kinesiology, Nutritional medicine and Energy medicine, much of which predates his medical degree! He is working in the offices of his Yale colleague & long time friend, Dr. Donald Moore.

"The doctor is happy with his recent move to Brooklyn community as the community is very close to his heart & is also near to his earlier offices in the Park Slope area. The good news is that Dr. Kokayi's unique style of medical practice & healing is once again available in a community-based setting", stated Dr. Kokayi's spokesperson.

"Working alongside his Yale colleague, Dr. Kokayi would also be able to check in on clients who require hospitalization given Dr. D. Moore's affiliation with Methodist Hospital", added the spokesperson from My Health Matters.

Dr Kokayi has stayed at the cutting edge of medicine also supervises (part time) a stem cell facility at the integrative health facility, Patients Medical (Manhattan).

At his Brooklyn clinic, Dr. Kokayi has mixed his multidisciplinary medical expertise to provide the patients with a unique visit experience in the clinic. While he addresses Western medical diagnostic classifications he steps back to evaluate a person's health dilemma within a larger practice model that takes into account body mechanics, bioenergetics, and the state of a person's "spirit" and consciousness.

"In coming to Dr Kokayi's office clients will probably experience Chinese pulse taking, Kinesiology, meridian tapping, a "probing" Homeopathic interview, Pranic healing, manipulative techniques, vitamin injections and pushes, and may leave with botanicals, nutritional supplements, homeopathic remedies, standard prescriptions as well as dietary instructions and energetic exercises, " the spokesperson added further.

For more information, visit or call 718-622-2042


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