National Recall Information Site Relaunches New Site

Consumer watchdog company,, to offer real-time product recall information via social media.

Consider it an early warning system. Product recalls happen all the time but they rarely happen on the basis of one, two or even ten reported cases. Quite often, by the time the consumer hears about a confirmed product defect, they have already been left open to risk of injury or even death for some time. The need for more timely information is at the heart of a new website currently in development by Internet entrepreneur Drazen Alcocer.

"Popular media will only ever give you one side of the story," explains Alcocer. "News outlets will tell you that there has been a recall on a product, cite some nebulous reason for it and provide a phone number or website for more information. They don't always tell you about class action lawsuits or other avenues of recourse if you have already been affected or even injured over a product defect, but can - and it will."

When asked who would benefit from using a site like, Alcocer's response was swift and straightforward: anyone who uses any kind of consumer product from smartphones to prescription medications to luxury cars needs this information and they need it in real time. hopes to achieve the right balance of consumer information with social media. Its purpose is to provide a place for users to connect and discuss product recalls, pending lawsuits or even just personal experiences with various consumer products that might seem suspicious. According to Alcocer, Timely access to information can go far in protecting against the tragedy that a defective product can cause."By the time a recall is known to the general public," he says, "damage has already been done. With, users have the potential of being warned sometimes months or years before the effects of a product defect getout of hand."

Where consumers once had to rely on local news outlets or responsible companies issuing a recall, today there are much more effective avenues. "There is no other medium through which information spreads faster than social media," Alcocer says, "and with a social media outlet focused on relaying information specific to product defects and recalls, consumers will not only have access to timely information, but information that is also targeted to this specific niche." is slated to launch sometime in 4th quarter 2013 with free registration to all users.


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