Nathan Willingham Arrest Leads to Damage from Inaccurate Journalism

Noted California tennis pro, Nathan Willingham, rebuilds career with enthusiastic community support, overcoming significant damages caused by blatantly irresponsible news coverage.

Irresponsible journalism has cost many upstanding American citizens their reputation since the inception of printed news. In this day and age of "instant" information, high level competition all too often leads to sensationalism of the most basic stories-an unfortunate trend that seems to have taken priority over genuine reporting, often leading to irreparable damage. Such is the case in the Nathan Willingham arrest of May, 2013.

Nathan Willingham was an established tennis professional and respected local business man, and owner of a successful California tennis academy, when unscrupulous reporting of a single, unfortunate incident sent Willingham's life into a complete downward spiral, both personally and professionally; a direct result of malicious inaccuracies surrounding the events of May 8th, as printed in a Santa Ynez Valley news publication.

Willingham, along with two young house guests-one a student staying with him temporarily following the onset of troubles at home-were arrested at Willingham's home on suspicion of methamphetamine use and possession of paraphernalia. While Willingham was released on bail, the charges leveled against him were indeed damaging to his reputation. Though, as of this release, all charges against Willingham have been dismissed, repairing the damage caused by the inaccurate reporting of the arrest has proven to be a challenge all its own.

Willingham was blatantly misquoted in the initial coverage of the incident, which stated that the tennis pro had told police he "smokes methamphetamine because he needs energy to teach the children who attend his [tennis] classes." According to Willingham, as well as police reports, this statement-nor any remark like it-was ever made.
Willingham is determined to overcome, however, relying on his supporters within the local community to help make the truth of the situation known. One respected business woman stated emphatically, "The only thing Nathan is guilty of is having a big heart. He opened his home to a troubled teen in a time of need, and suffered extreme consequences as a result."

What started as a story of media accountability has become a story of perseverance, as Willingham rebuilds his reputation in spite of the slanderous reporting. The opening of a new tennis academy is just the start, as he diligently works to regain his status as respected tennis coach and upstanding citizen-a comeback that is highly supported within his local community.


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