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Naperville Parent & Author Re-Releases Values-Based Children's Book Series

As we head into the upcoming election, Planet Fassa wants to give parents the tools to keep a positive approach with their children. Planet Fassa and Author, S. Moo, have released a 7 book series and a free website for children.

A values-based children's book series - The Fassa Tails - authored by Naperville parent and owner of Planet Fassa, Shannon Guernsey Coulter, has been re-released. Shannon writes under the pen name S. Moo ("Guernsey" is a cow, and she thought MOOOO was much more appealing for kids.) Planet Fassa has also re-released their family activity website, - now all memberships are free.

Why a re-release? With the political debates heating up, S. Moo and the team at Planet Fassa wanted to give parents the tools to keep their family focused on the positive - amid the constant barrage of negative attacks, hurtful words, and cutthroat politics.

The Fassa Tails series arms parents with the tools for positive action and reaction through their storylines and their valuable life lessons. These lessons are then reinforced by the activities that accompany the stories.

First, the stories take a positive approach to life, and all that it brings. In them, readers follow an adorable cat named Fassa as he uses his imagination and learns valuable life lessons as he meets his best friends: Ally, Rocky, Angel, Cassie, Tubby, and Loki. Second, the life lesson in each story is then supported by activities, plot twists, conversation starters, and a points and rewards system that can be found for free at

The Fassa Tails can be found at A simple to use activity database and other resources can be found at

Planet Fassa is a Book and Activity Company made for kids and their parents. "Fassa" is the main character in The Fassa Tails, and also stands for "Fun-Activities-Stories-Service-Awards". Author of the Fassa Tails Series and Founder of Planet Fassa, S. Moo can be reached at (720) 443-2772 or

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