Nanshy Limited Introduces Innovative Face Brushes with Synthetic Soft Bristle Formula

Nanshy, a leading beauty company in the United Kingdom, develops new foundation brushes made of synthetic sense soft bristle formula that is cruelty-free.

Make-up completes every woman's ensemble. For just about any event - or even on ordinary days at home - many women want to enhance the way they look with powder, lipstick, eye colour and what have you. To apply make-up flawlessly, the right tools and accessories are needed, including face brushes. While the market is saturated with such products of a wide variety, it pays to prefer brushes that are not only of top quality, but also free from animal hair as a way of making a stand against animal cruelty.

Recognizing a lack of good foundation brushes that are cruelty-free today's market, Nanshy Limited has developed its unique set of four kabuki foundation brushes to easily apply and blend any concealer, foundation or tinted moisturiser with precision.

Nanshy is a Cheltenham-based company that strives to bring customers cosmetic products that have been researched extensively in a consistent aim to offer no less than the best. Serving beauty-conscious clients in the United Kingdom, the beauty products authority specializes in offering extremely user-friendly products designed with the utmost care to ensure they do not only address beauty needs, but also exceed expectations.

Detailing its products at, Nanshy sells a plethora of cosmetic accessories and makeup tools. It offers an array of makeup bags and beauty cases; makeup sponges; and brush holders or pouches; among other luxury yet affordable cosmetic accessories.

The new Nanshy brush set, inspired by existing reviews and demands from users, features thick-handled brushes that make the application of mineral, liquid and cream foundation easy with its soft and dense synthetic bristles guaranteed 100% cruelty free.

The new Nanshy pointed, round buffer, flat angled buffer and flat kabuki top brushes create amazing velvety finish, while buffing and blending very well. They are easy to clean and store as well, making them a must-have in every make-up kit.

Nanshy is continuously searching the cosmetic marketplace for newer and better beauty products. It maintains relationships with some of the top suppliers in cosmetic items to offer customers the latest and greatest products and accessories.

To find out more about the new face brushes from Nanshy, please visit for information.

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