Nanshy and Its Line of Makeup Brushes Takes Stand Against Animal Cruelty By Offering Cruelty Free Products

Nanshy, the leading brand of makeup brushes, encourages every customer to be aware of the prominence animal cruelty in the makeup industry and to make educated decisions when purchasing makeup products.

Nanshy, a leading manufacturer and seller of makeup brushes, is on a mission to help educate consumers regarding better alternatives and avoid animal cruelty throughout the world.

"Millions of animal are KILLED every year, don't be a part of it," said the team fast-rising make up accessory brand in the United Kingdom. "You don't realise what is hiding in a makeup bag. Find out and make the difference now."

Known for offering professional grade, cruelty-free products, Nanshy advocates the plight of over 31 million otters, coyotes, muskrats, minks, raccoons, lynxes, opossums, red foxes, seals, sables and beavers that are trapped, drowned and beaten to death annually for their fur to be used for brushes and other makeup tools.

Nanshy guarantees that no animal has been killed, tortured or harmed during the production of its full line of makeup brushes. Nanshy also believes in transparency with their customers and provide a cruelty free resources section on their website.

"People are switching from natural to synthetic, not only because it's a heart-wrenching fact that millions of animals are killed to produce these brushes, but also because synthetic brushes are now capable of offering you a range of advantages," concluded.

Choosing Nanshy's cruelty-free brushes that harm no animal is more than just a noble act. It is a wiser choice too, because the company uses synthetic fibres that work just as well as natural fur, if not better. The company's makeup brushes are made with synthetic fibre that is known for uniformity, lushness, softness, firmness, flexibility and durability without requiring complex maintenance measures.

Nanshy's brush sets and individual brushes, foundation brushes, concealer brushes and eye shadow with nylon synthetic bristles don't fade either because they are not dyed. As a result, they keep the same brilliant colour throughout the lifetime of the brush.

For more information about Nanshy and their efforts against animal cruelty, please visit to learn more.

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