Nanotips Tranforms Any Glove Into a Touchscreen Compatible Glove

Making all gloves compatible to touchscreen devices, Nanotips is counting down its 6 final days as a 100% funded Kickstarter project, with pledges now reaching over CAD62,000.

Nanotips, Inc., the company behind Nanotips liquid solution, offers an easy solution to individuals who wear gloves but find it difficult to operate their touchscreen devices. In partnership with Kickstarter, Nanotips has sought pledges to support the first large-scale production run of the innovative product - and has already multiplied its initial funding due to the overwhelming support. Cost-friendly and effective, Nanotips makes every glove as functional as a stylus.

Nanotips is a conductive polyamide liquid solution that transforms all types gloves into a touchscreen glove with one application. As it is formulated using Nanotechnology, the product mimics the touch of human skin and designed with functionality and durability in mind. A single application can last up to a month and one bottle can treat between 15-30 fingers.

"The idea for Nanotips occurred when I was faced with the inconvenience of having to take off my gloves and not wanting to buy a new pair," said Tony Yu, Nanotips founder and inventor. "What if I could turn my existing gloves into touchscreen gloves? Because I was always trying to take the inconvenience out of routine tasks, I decided to create a solution that would work for my exact needs," he added.

Catering to a variety of glove types, the Nanotips liquid product is offered in the Blue variety that is meant for fabrics and dries with an 80% transparency with bluish tint. The Nanotips Black, which also dries black, is for leathers, rubbers and thicker materials.

In order to get this breakthrough innovative product to market, Nanotips has tapped Kickstarter for backing. Within a timeline of 32 days, the company has sought the help of pledges to make the project a reality. Six days to the final count, over CAD62,000 has been pledged, exceeding the CAD10,500 goal.

On day four, the Nanotips project has been 100% funded, with production process already starting. The team has committed that if the campaign succeeds, more in-depth research will be conducted to expand the product to make prosthetic hands compatible with capacitive touchscreen devices. There are also plans to convert the product into a touchscreen liquid that would work with all materials and is invisible to the naked eye.

To find out more about Nanotips liquid solution, please visit for information and to pledge any amount.

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