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Naked Tan Tanning Salons Offers Healthier, Safer Indoor Tanning and Spray Tan San Diego Solutions

Naked Tan Tanning Salons is a tanning clinic serving San Diego, CA customers who want that beautiful sun-kissed glow without the risks and dangers of UV exposure.

There is no denying that procedures for tanning have undergone tremendous changes over the years. Thanks to modern technology, what used to be doable only by actual exposure to the sun can already be performed under a more controlled environment through indoor tanning. In San Diego, California, one tanning clinic ensures state-of-the-art indoor tanning services for a more balanced UV exposure: Naked Tan Tanning Salons.

As experts suggest, indoor tanning is simply safer, as sun exposure can be carcinogenic in most times of the day. With Naked Tan, tanning does not come with health compromises, but gives immediate results under a safer procedure. In fact, skin specialists consider and recommend indoor tanning as the healthier option.

Through, patients can search for the indoor tanning and spray tan San Diego services that best suit their need. In particular, Naked Tan Tanning Salons offers an instant sunless tanning solution with flawless application procedure that lasts within four to six hours. Clients get the golden tan that will last up to seven days. Notably, the Naked Tan tanning facility utilizes updated indoor tanning systems. Detailed at, the clinic offers a full range of operating equipment, including relaxing 20-minute beds, quick bronzing 12-minute beds and sunless tanning beds. Options include special facial tanners, shoulder tanners, and more. Music, cooling fans, aromatherapy and even air-conditioned beds are just some of the amenities.

Naked Tan Tanning Salons is fully equipped with tanning beds that are built to give customers a more controlled exposure to UVA rays. Tanning beds and sun lamps are emitting 90 percent or higher UVA for a more effective tanning. With indoor tanning San Diego services, customers get better results - such as an evenly tanned skin - than merely staying under the sun while on the beach. A fairly distributed tan color is ensured with Naked Tan.

To learn more about the premier San Diego tanning services from Naked Tan, please visit for information.

Naked Tan Tanning Salons
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