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Mystic Diary: Lost Brother Released for Android!

Find your lost brother by solving puzzles, finding hidden clues, and using the powerful Mystic Diary to travel the world.

In Mystic Diary: Lost Brother, you take on the role of a Victorian-era magician on a noble quest to find his lost brother. Travel throughout the world using the magical pages of the Mystic Diary to unlock the mystery behind your brother`s sudden disappearance. Find hidden objects and solve fun mini puzzles in this one-of-a-kind Adventure game.

• A fun magical adventure
• Use clues to solve the mystery
• Great mini puzzles

The hidden object game, Mystic Diary Lost Brother, takes place during Victorian Times some time during the end of the 1800′s. You are a magician in search of your brother, who has mysteriously and suddenly disappeared. Use the Mystic Diary's magical pages to seek and find hidden objects and solve puzzles, which are clues to help you come closer to finding your brother and unveiling the mystery surrounding his disappearance.

With 12 rounds of the game and at least two hidden object scenes in each, the game has around 30 scenes of finding objects plus the occasional puzzle. While Mystic Diary has common puzzles such as Simon Says (copying the same sounds the game makes) and connecting wires (pipes), it has a few tricks of its own. In one puzzle, you guide the magnet to lead the ball through a labyrinth until it reaches middle. Another requires tweaking the dials on a microscope until the visual becomes clear.

The magician will sense magic and ask you to use the magnifying glass to see the magic.
Save your brother and become a master of the Mystic Diary!

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