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MyRx+ Mobile Discount Pharmacy Card for Apple and Android Released!

Ascendant Health Solutions is proud to announce the release of MyRx+, a free smartphone app designed to help consumers find the lowest price for medications based on phone location or zip code!

App Name: MyRx+

Price: FREE

Our app was developed because of the frustration of not knowing how much a medication would cost when going to a pharmacy. Think of it as 'Gas Buddy' for prescription drugs. In the new era of the Affordable Care Act, we provide consumers with price transparency to help make better choices with budget dollars.

A simple search is generated by entering the name of the medication in the 'Search' field of the app the clicking on 'Find Savings'.

The app prices both Generic and Brand-name medications and shows each location on a Google map for ease of locating the most convenient location.

The app can be easily shared with friends and family through Email, Facebook or Twitter. Of course, good-old-fashioned printing is allowed as well!

If one does not have a smartphone, a basic internet search can also help you find savings. Contact us on our website for more information.

The '+' is for future discount services that will be added to the app (dental, vision, cosmetic, etc)

Why it's different:
- En EspaƱol.
- CONVENIENT. No card to carry. It's on the phone!
- REAL-TIME PRICING. Know the price of the medication before going to the pharmacy.
- VALUE. See the retail cost of the medication without the app.
- ACCEPTED. Know the pharmacy accepts the card if it shows up in the search.

Exclusive (no other app does this!):
- We show the last retail price (non-discounted) that the pharmacy sold the medication
- We show the logo of the pharmacy

Company page:

YouTube Quick Demo video (1:10):

My contact information:
Brian Writt
FB: MyRx+
Twitter: @UseMyRx

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