MyEdge Launches First of Its Kind Social Learning Platform in India

MyEdge has taken the first step to radically transform the learning & education landscape of India and rest of the world by launching first of its kind Social Learning Platform.

Physical boundaries can no longer confine the learning horizon of any individual anymore. With the primary objective of providing seamless learning opportunities to each and every student of the world, MyEdge, a first of its kind Social Learning Platform has been developed to connect teachers & learners residing in any part of the country or rest of the world. The platform seeks to connect students of all ages, interest & demographics to renowned faculty members in India and from across the globe. Peer-to-peer dialogues & discussions have played a significant role in enriching the lives of students and given the limitations of present world in terms of growing traffic woes, safety issues amongst others the connect between students is disappearing. MyEdge makes a deliberate effort to rectify this anomaly by introducing the concept of Study Buddy, wherein the students are motivated to connect not only with their classmates but also with other students pursuing studies in any other educational institution.

The teachers who have till date been confined to their own institution or their city in terms of interaction with other teachers can also use the platform to reach out and connect with faculty members having similar interests, located in any part of the world. MyEdge provides an opportunity for teachers to discuss and collaborate on areas such as academic research, curriculum development, student matters and much more. A teacher registered on our website can also share notes, web links, discussions, notices/circulars etc with all the students who are in their network or with a selected few.

The parents, of existing or prospective students, have always been desirous of actively participating in the academic lives of their children either by connecting with the faculty members or other parents to discuss & deliberate on a number of issues. MyEdge also caters to this need by providing an opportunity to parents to connect with the faculty members, parents and other students. The parents can also connect with their own children, registered as students on the website, to keep a track of their activity and mentor.

On top of the above, the platform provides an opportunity to members to track a faculty member(s) in order to learn from the discussions, notes, videos etc which will be shared by them from time to time. Every teacher will have multiple TRACKERS.

One of the senior team members at MyEdge said, "We are proud to introduce the concept of social learning platform, as this will provide seamless academic & learning opportunities to students from across the world. We believe that this is the future of learning by effective use of technology moving away from the physical delivery of education which has been happening all these years. We are giving all the stakeholders a chance to Connect, Learn, and Outperform".

Further, the website provides access to the Virtual Classroom tool, developed after a lot of investment in terms of efforts and financial resources, which in addition to the learning infrastructure of a physical classroom also includes a number of features aimed to make a student excel in his/her academic performance. You can draw diagrams, write equations, open & discuss documents and share links whilst having a video chat, with a facility to record the entire session also. The access to this tool for all the members has been provided at an inaugural discounted price of Rs.50 for half an hour with no extra charges for downloading the video of the session.

"We have removed all the communication barriers to bring learning at your doorstep. The members of the website are divided into three broad categories: Students (13+ years), teachers and parents. We have a Virtual Classroom tool that will allow 6 attendees to connect and learn in a web enabled classroom environment" further added the team member.

The Study Buddy concept @MyEdge will help students in discussing their doubts, prepare for tests, and share the study material in groups or through virtual classroom, in India or anywhere in the world. Click here for more information.

About MyEdge

MyEdge endeavors to provide academic & learning opportunities to students of all age groups & different demographics through Social Learning Platform, the first of its kind E-learning tool. The website lets students interact with fellow members, seek mentorship from eminent faculty members, indulge in discussions and debates to sharpen their skills & academic acumen.

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