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My WILDFOX COUTURE Shopping Spree on Dolls Kill

The brand Wildfox Couture showcases a bold statement on their website about their brand, "She is the Native heart, she is all neon light, she is a love child; she is a WILDFOX."

Wildfox Couture Clothing is our new obsession here in the press room. We came across the brand while browsing through celebrity photos and new vintage inspired Lookbooks for the season. Wildfox Couture features really awesome style and even more amazing quality products. We decided to check out the label by purchasing a few items from our favorite online boutique, Dolls Kill.

The Wildfox Couture clothing selection on this site was great, they even had the new White Label Collection for Fall. Our favorite pick was the Lennon Seeing Stars Sweater as seen on the adorable Ashley Tisdale. We snatched up this sweater while also getting a few other key pieces, such as their Wildfox Denim Shorts and a few Wildfox Baggy beach Jumpers. We noticed that Dolls Kill carries a very select few key pieces from the brand, anything that is rock inspired or may feature skulls, crosses, bones and more.

We received our goods from Dolls Kill within 5 days. Upon opening the package, the first thing we noticed was the amazing quality of the Wildfox Couture items. Their attention to detail and perfect fraying on the sleeves of the Wildfox Lennon Sweater was unbelievable. We loved the softness of the Love Child Wildfox Beach Jumper, and would definitely recommend the brand to our readers.

Wildfox Couture was started by friends Emily Faulstich and Kimberley Gordon. Established in Los Angeles, 2007, since then the brand has emerged to the frontlines of womens shopping. A force not to be reckoned with. Recently the brand has decided to launch Wildfox Couture Jewelry and the Wildfox Swimwear line. We reached out to Dolls Kill and they let us know that the swim and jewelry collection will also be available in their shop this Spring. A must see brand, don't miss their killer Cowboy theme this Fall as well.

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