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"My Secret Helpers" Act As Personal Informants to Help Advise of Hidden Dangers

"My Secret Helpers" is a unique non-profit secret informant. They will deliver a tip-off completely anonymously, so folks can relieve the stressful burden of carrying a detrimental secret.

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The bad guy/girl typically has the upper hand; knowing that people are afraid to tell. My Secret Helpers is a non-profit organization that gives the advantage back to the good guy!

Being the one to tip someone off on a personal matter can permanently alter the existing relationship status of friends, co-workers and family. Also, many crimes go unreported because the witness does not want to be questioned by police and have their personal information printed on public police reports. Can you blame them?

The internet has no anonymous way to send a tip because your IP address is attached to virtually everything you do online. Tips by phone can be easily traced as well. "My Secret Helpers" uses postal mail to receive your tip without any identity disclosure to the public record or to any individual.  Since MSH does not know who you are, it is impossible for them to disclose the person's identity to anyone ever.

Holding a hurtful secret inside can be wise sometimes, however the responsibility can cause stress, anxiety, grief and guilt, which is not good for our general health. MSH aims to help both the tipper and the recipient of the tip at the same time. The tipper can free himself by releasing the burden and allowing the recipient to have and use the valuable information to investigate further and take necessary further action if necessary.

Here are some examples of whom MSH hopes to help victims of:
Untrue friends; Child abuse; Spousal abuse; Animal abuse,; Teenagers in danger; Eating disorders; Drug abuse; Alcohol abuse; Cheating spouses; Cheating co-workers; Scams; Any questionable activity; Anything witnessed or suspected; Something overheard that could be harmful to someone.

Due to the nature of this service, all contact should be done through their web site:

Source: Andrea Richards, freelance writer

"Here's to empowering those who care!"

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