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My Music Grind Announces Launch Of New Hip Hop Website

My Music Grind provides the latest hip hop news, music videos and fashion trends.

A new hip hop website is already establishing a wide audience for its ability to provide exclusive urban and hip hop news, music videos and fashion trends in one user friendly location. features a welcoming homepage with a easy to navigate layout. In additin, independent hip hop artists worldwide will have the opportunity to have their videos alongside mainstream artists, helping build their fan bases and in some cases breaking the artist into the mainstream.

In recent years, hip hop websites have exploded in popularity. People enjoy them for their ability to keep track of the latest news in the hip hop community. One disadvantage of these websites is that many of them often shut down due to lack of dedication by the creator or they are simply not providing good news to satisfy visitors.

"We are committed to becoming one of the most successful online news sources for the hip hop and urban community", stated Ricardo Pendergrass, creator of My Music Grind. Mr. Pendergrasss said "Look for exclusive interviews, the latest music videos and some of the most interesting and bizarre news you will find on the internet.

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My Music Grind was created by Ricardo Pendergrass. In its testing stages the website only featured independent hip hop artists. Mr. Pendergrass noticed a significant amount of traffic to the websited and decided to expand My Music Grind's coverage. My Music Grind also plans to start a youth program, allowing kids across the U.S. to tour recording studios to experience how music is created and possibly create their own.

For more information, media and press inquiries, partnerships and sponsorship opportunities, contact Ricardo Pendergrass at

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