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My Home Life: Creative & Environmental-friendly

LuguLake launches a new ceramic electric kettle which is designed to make drinking water healthier and your home life greener.

Home Life Requires More Creativity

A simple yet cozy home allows you to relax yourself from the rapidly and efficiently developed modern life. Meanwhile the creative decorations will certainly bring more fun to your ordinary home life. Lugulake not only accords great importance to the improvement of life quality, but also excels in making novel and subtle details. Therefore, even an ordinary electric kettle can be forged to have its own quality.

1.Ancient Art
Chinaware of China should be dated back to over 4000 years ago, whose elegant and quaint peculiarity is indeed a feast to the eyes. So far, ceramic technology has been developed to be more and more mature due to the innovation as well as changes in the past centuries.

The artistic value lies in its handwork. Its patterns are specially drawn by hand in the manufacturing process of this electric kettle, as this is the exclusive way to make it look finer and smoother.

3.State-of-the-art Technology
As the representative and symbol of "Chinese porcelain", Jingdezhen (also known as Chingtechen, a Chinese city in Jiangxi province) has long been engaged in porcelain making, whose porcelain is world-famous for being exquisite beyond compare. To warrant a good quality, the craftsmanship that is adopted by all the ceramic electric kettles of Lugulake is the most cutting-edge technology of Jingdezhen.

4.A Kettle or a Decoration?
Never think it is only an electric kettle, as the hand-painted ceramic is cool enough to make itself a piece of creative decoration for your living room. You might as well get the kettle on for two cups of tea when your friends find this little pretty one. It will always be a good listener accompanying you quietly no matter what you are talking about.

Home Life Requires More Creativity
Electric kettles make our daily life more convenient. However, in the mind of Lugulake, apart from meeting people's daily demand, it should also take health and environmental protection into account. Lugulake knows well how crucial is the vessel on the quality of water during heating, so Lugulake makes its utmost effort to avoid all harmful substances, even if only a minute quantity are generated.

Being creative and environmental-friendly, this is the home life that we are longing for!

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