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Musician, Artist & Mother Survives Massive Stroke From Childbirth Complications

Vows to Release New Album Through Peer-Funded Kickstarter Campaign, While Continuing Recovery

Elizabeth Carrigan, a South Berwick, ME-based musician, artist and mother, had everything going for her. She was happily working on her new CD and blissful after welcoming her baby daughter in January 2010. Life can change in an instant. Six days after delivering her baby, Elizabeth experienced major post-childbirth complications, including a brain hemorrhage that led to a massive stroke. She has spent the past four years fighting though this debilitating health crisis, motivated in her recovery by her family, friends, and the dream of completing her CD. While she is still relearning the breath control that was instrumental in her ethereal vocal style, her new producers are able to use her previously recorded vocal tracks to help make that dream come true.

Elizabeth is counting on support from a Kickstarter campaign to cover the costs of producing and promoting her album. Kickstarter "backers" will have the opportunity to be part of the new album's success.

Elizabeth's new album, I Dreamed Last Night, transforms traditional Celtic music, adding a more modern flair. Her music evokes the production styles of artists like Grammy-winning Lorde or Lana Del Ray and will appeal to fans across multiple genres.

"This album is, quite literally, a labor of love project. I've been working on it for more than four years, and completing the CD has been a huge motivator in my ongoing recovery. I was determined to finish this project, and am proud to finally be able to share my new music," Elizabeth Carrigan explained. "I've seen that life can change in an instant. I went from being a busy, independent musician, mother and artist to being immersed in a severe health crisis, unsure whether I'd recover enough to hold my baby or sing again. While I'm still not fully recovered, it's so gratifying to be back in the studio doing what I love."

"Elizabeth's stroke has definitely changed her, personally and artistically. Prior to her stroke, she was a well-respected musician and artist. Post-stroke, she had to re-learn how to create music and art, and she continues to fight against long-term health challenges daily. Today, her paintings and music are different than they used to be, reflecting her experiences, recovery and new perspective," explained her husband, Steve Carrigan. "While all artists evolve based on their personal journeys, Elizabeth's transformation as a musician and artist is especially poignant, as she continues to recover from her very serious health crisis, using art and music to express her emotions."

"Elizabeth never gave up and never lost hope. Even now, more than four years post-stroke, she still has struggles and some days are harder than others, health-wise. But she has remained brave and positive throughout the entire ordeal. Her positive attitude and will to live are pivotal in her ongoing recovery," Steve added. "This new album celebrates her strong spirit and her commitment to conquer her health issues, and it will appeal to busy parents, stroke survivors, music lovers across all genres - as well as anyone who has worked to overcome adversity."

To join Elizabeth's active, vibrant Kickstarter campaign, visit

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