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Muscle Finesse Experience Increased Sales of Compression Gear During UK Freeze

Muscle Finesse, a Peterborough based supplier of fitness equipment, clothing and supplements, announced their increased sales of compression gear occurring during the UK freeze.

Quite often, products prove to be beneficial for reasons other than their primary function. This is the case Muscle Finesse experienced this winter with highly inflated sales of compression gear taking place throughout early January and the big UK freeze.

A customer service operative representing the company was able to comment on the increased sales which occurred over the freeze, and elaborate on the reasons behind it. 'Obviously, most of our products sell well the entire year through, though some turn out to be more seasonal than others, even if they're not overtly so. For instance detox supplements are definitely a late winter and early summer product, since those are the times we see a jump in individuals trying to lose weight. Similarly, compression gear takes a boost in sales during the winter, particularly through cold winds. Though the clothing is designed to boost warm up, performance and muscle recovery, many people seem to make the final decision to buy it as a way of combatting cold temperatures.'

Similar to a wetsuit, the benefits of compression gear are well known. They're skin tight, compressing muscles to speed up blood flow and reduce swelling, improving warm up times and workout recovery respectively. The secondary feature is they help temperature regulation. In the heat they encourage sweat production and quick evaporation, allowing individuals to cool down without getting damp. In the cold the skin tight clothing keeps cold air from touching the skin, while working as an effective insulator for body heat. These combine to make insulation clothing useful even for casual use during the winter.

Muscle Finesse are a Peterborough based supplier of fitness supplements, clothing, and equipment. They deal both to businesses and individuals across the entirety of the UK. Through keeping up stock of the products they recognise are directly relevant to their customers, like compression gear, they hope to keep their customers satisfied and well supplied at all times of year.

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