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Muscle Finesse Experience Increased Sales of Exercise Supplements For Weight Loss

Muscle Finesse, a Peterborough based supplier of fitness supplements, equipment and clothing, have announced their noticeable increase in sales of weight loss exercise supplements over the winter period.

There are a wide variety of weight loss products available, it's a huge industry with millions each year investing in equipment, techniques and food stuffs to help slim down. Exercise supplements are just one of these, though Muscle Finesse have experienced substantially increased sales of them in the mid and late winter period.

A customer service representative from Muscle Finesse was able to take the time to comment on the increased trade, and elaborate on the reasons behind it. "We're always seeing a huge trade in weight loss products. People are always seeking new ways to trim down on their weight, and the different products prove to be surprisingly seasonal. We see a lot of sales in detoxes during January, when consumers have made resolutions and are attempting extreme and quick weight loss solutions. Those still pursuing a fitness regime in February are a little more moderate, and are usually interspersing their diet with regular gym visits. We see an increase in exercise weight loss supplements around the current period, with consumers seeking to make their cardio more efficient, rather than their diet."

New Years resolutions are often short lived, and a massive two thirds of resolutions to lose weight are reneged on within three months. It's commonly thought the best way to remain determined and active is to settle into a routine, including regular gym visits. It's this portion of the population responsible for the increased sales of exercise weight loss supplements Muscle Finesse have experienced over the late winter period.

Muscle Finesse are a supplier of fitness equipment, clothing, supplements and accessories operating out of the heart of Peterborough. They deal across the UK to businesses and consumers alike, and are constantly updating their catalogue to stay relevant to their customers.

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