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Muscle Finesse Expand Range of Detox Products

Muscle Finesse, a Peterborough based supplier of fitness clothing, equipment and supplements, are currently expanding their range of weight loss detox products by a substantial amount.

Weight loss products always see a substantial leap in interest around mid-winter, with the New Year ushering in a sizeable obsession with weight loss. Accordingly, Muscle Finesse are expanding their range of detox products to meet consumer demand for the February period.

A customer service representative was available for commenting, able to elaborate on the reasons behind their stock expansion and how they hope to benefit consumers. 'Weight loss products are surprisingly seasonal. Of course, they're popular year round, with consumers always seeking new ways to cut down on their weight and slim their figures. Yet we see the most interest in mid-winter and early summer. People try to slim down for their holidays, as well as making New Year's resolutions to similar effect. Detoxes are fairly popular for the New Year with individuals hoping to slim down in a hurry, and these interests usually endure for a few months, so we always try to expand our stock for late winter.'

Detoxes are a technique wherein the dieter cuts out the majority of their diet to replace it with a single item, such as a fruit smoothie, or the recent lemon drink craze. The practice cleanses the body of toxins, while cutting calorie intake without entering starvation or feeling hungry, in theory. Detoxes usually only last around ten days to two weeks, and consumers will often seek out different styles and detox products after their initial interest to see what else suits them, justifying Muscle Finesse's current expansion of stock.

Operating out from the heart of Peterborough, Muscle Finesse are suppliers of exercise clothing, equipment, supplements and a wide variety of weight loss solutions. They trade both with large and small businesses across the UK, as well as selling directly to consumers. By expanding their range of detox products for the late winter period they hope to capitalise on the enduring weight loss obsession, and help their customers to achieve real results.

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