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Murray Callan Swim Schools Gives Back to Carlsbad Elementary Schools

Murray Callan Swim Schools, San Diego's only USSSA Hall of Fame swimming program, has launched a fundraiser for the Carlsbad Unified School District.

Murray Callan Swim Schools, San Diego's only USSSA Hall of Fame swimming program, has launched a fundraiser for the Carlsbad Unified School District.

Now through March, the Carlsbad Swim School will donate $10 to Carlsbad's public elementary schools for every Carlsbad resident who purchases a series of children's swimming lessons.

Admitting in swimming classes for kids can help teach your child vital safety tips for water which helps save themselves or someone else's life in the future. The first thing taught in these swim classes make the child feel safe. If the child is afraid to face falling into the water then it cannot concentrate enough to try to swim. Let them wear floaters if they are a starter to get rid of fear and feel safe in water. This is the best swim practice that will help keep your child feel safe around water. In infant swim classes you teach the toddlers always to swim toward the wall, hold on to it and climb to safety. These skills are important for a child who accidentally falls into the pond, because they are able to swim to the edge and climb out to safety. Swimming classes for toddlers also help children learn to float on his back, which is useful for those who get tired of swimming.

Kids swimming lessons can be taught at the age of one to two years. At this time children can learn to jump into the water while standing, how to turn on the water and swim long distances. During this stage, many children get to learn kicking techniques that are the basis of movement of the base swimming later. The baby swimming classes work mostly with children in water and leaving many children learn to hold their breath underwater and swim a short distance with two adults. By the age of four years, it is good to introduce better kicking skills while maintaining a floating boat. During these experiences a child has the ability to interact with both the teacher and the same age group children.

The nine Carlsbad elementary schools included in this promotion are Aviara Oaks, Buena Vista, Calavera Hills, Hope, Jefferson, Kelly, Magnolia, Pacific Rim and Poinsettia.

Not only will these schools be direct beneficiaries of the donation, but parents who make the commitment to swim lessons will see that their children will learn to swim, regardless of their age or prior experience.

MCSS has been teaching infants, toddlers and children to swim for 60 years.

More than 100,000 local children have been taught the schools' patented 'Soft-Touch, No-Fear' method which emphasizes a smooth, relaxed, energy efficient approach.

Murray Callan's baby swimming classes feature shallow, indoor pools with custom designed teaching stations and extensively trained instructors.

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