MTC Launches WLS Discount Specials In Guadalajara, Mexico

Concessional weight loss packages in Guadalajara, Mexico by Medical Tourism Corporation are great news for those seeking an affordable means to curb obesity.

Many obese Americans and Canadians, who are hesitant to dispense all their life's savings for an expensive bariatric surgery, are trapped in bulging bodies that threaten their fitness and hamper their day-to-day activities. The good news for them is that they no longer have to endure health troubles or social embarrassment, now that "Medical Tourism Corporation" (MTC) has announced discounted weight reduction packages in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Whether it is a sleeve gastrectomy, stomach bypass, or gastric banding in Guadalajara, one can enjoy an added advantage of reduced prices. The company is offering gastric sleeve in Guadalajara for US $4500, roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RNY) for US $6000, and a simplified laparoscopic duodenal switch (DS) procedure for US $7500.

The customers will not have to shell out extra money for different stages of the procedure. The cost of these packages from MTC is inclusive of the doctor's fee, lab charges, pre-surgery assessment, and follow-up and you can also customize it depending on the duration of your stay. For example, sleeve surgery comes with the option of 2 days and one night stay, whereas RNY and DS are offered on a 2 days and 2 night hospital stay.

MTC's initiative is a great excuse for the obese to take control of their bodies again. The company asserts that traveling to Guadalajara, Mexico for a weight loss surgery does not only provide its clients an opportunity to improve their body mass index (BMI), but also to boost their self-confidence without exhausting their pockets. With the transformation brought about by an economical obesity surgery, such as lap band or gastric bypass in Guadalajara, such people can expect to bid adieu to their ailments, don a dress of their choice, and expand their social horizon-all in just a few months' time.

According to the American Society for Bariatric Surgery (ASBS), around 15 million adults in the US suffer from obesity, which is associated with more than 30 other diseases or co morbidities including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, infertility, and hypertension.

Mexico is a preferred medical tourism destination for many First World nationals, particularly the Americans and Canadians, on account of the availability of excellent treatment facilities at negligible prices in comparison to the rates quoted by their local hospitals.

MTC strives to provide quality services to its clients and claims that they can do away with their reservations regarding the quality of treatment, sterilization, and follow-up care. The company has in its network a hospital in Guadalajara which takes stringent measures for infection control and patient safety, as these are vital to achieve excellence in medical services. The facility employs ultra-modern equipment, advanced labs, and latest technology for offering specialized services.

Besides, the company works with highly qualified and experienced bariatric surgeons in different cities of Mexico. One such leading weight loss surgeon practicing in Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta draws hundreds of patients due to his proficiency and experience.
The doctor has trained under renowned bariatric surgeons from Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Argentina, the US, and has honed his skills by gathering experience working at some of the leading hospitals in Mexico. He also has the experience of teaching laparoscopic surgery at a medical center in Barcelona, Spain.
While considering obesity treatment under this surgeon you do not have to be concerned about language acting as a communication hindrance, as he is accustomed to dealing with patients from English-speaking countries.

MTC endeavors to extend a hassle-free and satisfying medical trip to its clients. The company can assist in setting up an appointment with the afore-mentioned bariatric surgeon depending on his availability and the patients' convenience.

The company facilitates information about cost-effective high-quality healthcare facilities in Mexico. Prospective American and Canadian clients mulling over undergoing cut-rate weight loss surgery in Guadalajara, Mexico may contact MTC for details of the entire procedure and the associated expenditure. Before finalizing the trip it is important to enquire about any hidden or additional charges.

Pursuing a lifestyle-changing surgery in Guadalajara brings the opportunity to rewind in a tropical city bustling with tourism activities-tourists amusing themselves by taking a stroll through the Plaza of the Crosses, witnessing bullfights at Plaza de Toros, collecting cheap souvenirs at Mercado San Juan de Dios, and relishing the nightlife scenario. Also, one should consider the advantage of convalescing in a lively Latin American environment, that too within their financial means.

Those interested can embark on the life-changing journey by filling up the enquiry form on the Medical Tourism Corporation website to have all their question answered and receive a free quote.

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