Mr. Tarun Mudgal Offers Students of FORE School of Management, New Delhi Valuable Insight into the World of Marketing and Sales

Mr. Tarun Mudgal, Commercial Account Manager, VMware Inc., recently visited the campus of FORE School of Management, New Delhi.

Mr. Tarun Mudgal, Commercial Account Manager, VMware Inc., recently visited the campus of FORE School of Management, New Delhi. An alumnus of the institute, he was back on campus to deliver a guest lecture on the changing trends in sales and marketing. From the basics of B2B sales to account management and business development, his lecture covered it all leaving the gathering eager to hear more.

Since completing his MBA from FORE School of Management, Mr. Mudgal has had a successful six year stint in sales and marketing. He has already worked with a few big names like Wipro Infotech Ltd. and Bharti Airtel Ltd. Business Development, B2B Sales, Marketing and Account Management are some of the profiles that he has handled. Hence, it only seemed fitting that the accomplished alumnus would share his practical industry experiences with students.

In many ways, it was a homecoming of sorts for Mr. Mudgal, one that took place in a packed venue. Students were excited to hear from one of their predecessors and he didn't disappoint. He began the talk by explaining exactly what B2B sales is: "Quite simply, it is selling products to other businesses rather than to consumers. It is typically divided into two categories: product and value-selling."

Mr. Mudgal made it clear that he was here to make things easier for the students. Given his own experience in the corporate world, he tried to explain the hierarchical structure in various organizations, outlining the structure in terms of individual positions like CEO/ Owner, EVP/ SVP, VPs, Managers and Workers. He also emphasized the fact that one of the most important business objectives for an owner is to make a profit.

It was a simple, known fact but it did have its impact and put things into perspective for the students in the audience. Focussing on the sales element, Mr. Mudgal said, "It involves stringent hard core number targets. The targets can be achieved through account planning." He then went on to explain the difference between marketing and sales by saying, "Sales means persuading a customer to buy a product. Marketing, on the other hand, involves, research, advertising, sales, customer service and satisfaction."

Mr. Mudgal then tried to simplify two important concepts: Above the Line (ATL) and Below the Line (BTL) marketing. He kept things simple and understandable for students again as he said, "ATL uses mass media for promotional activities to reach a wider audience; TV for example. BTL involves customization for a single customer. It could we with product demos or sampling." Being a student and having sat through several lectures himself, Mr. Mudgal clearly had developed a knack for helping students grasp concepts with ease.

Business Development was another aspect covered by Mr. Mudgal in his talk. He described various elements of Business Development, including brand placement, market expansion, acquisition of new customers and awareness, and B2B marketing. He also discussed Account Management, which is valid across B2B sales and involves account mapping and planning. While the students would be covering most of these topics in the classroom, hearing it from one of their own who has 'been there and done that', adds a feel of the real world 'out there'.

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