MoWeather's Latest Update Represents A New Way To Experience The Weather

MoWeather, a high-acclaimed weather app, release their third update on Android globally today. We believe a person with deeper thoughts goes further while an app with a greater mission touches more people. Now let's know more about their story.

MoWeather has released on the world renowned Android App platform, Mobogenie. The latest version has added functions including push notifications. So you would be able to know how is the weather outside within a second. Enable your phone GPS and let the accurate fresh forecast updates automatically wherever you go. Plus well designed all-in-one widget, you could enter calendar to edit your event anytime you want after checking the weather. Besides, 15-day forecasts still got your back as always.

From January till now after the first Android version was issued, MoWeather kept working on forecast information simplification, visual design improvement and putting people like us who care about the weather altogether. Their mission is always to seek a better way for people to experience the weather. And that is the reason to make them shine in Quality Index February top 10 Android app announce.

"When we first decided to make a weather app, we want it to be casual, beautiful and entertaining." Qian Cheng, MoWeather's Sr Product Manager told NewsWatch. "You can like pictures, comment, find friends and follow them all on MoWeather. We just simply make sure the weather comes reliable and touchable."

People say seeing is believing. When we listen to forecast, talk about climate, check the weather, and eventually we are expecting to see it ourselves. On MoWeather, you will find over 100,000 individual weather stations around the world. The way they report the weather is actually by capturing weather moments and share it on the photo stream in the city they locate. On the other hand, you have chance to explore the weather moment all around the world. Places you involved do not only mean where you are at or to travel, but also where you have been and your friends may be at. As long as the connection in between stands, you would start conversation with them sooner or later. So how about take a picture to show them how the weather is like before you talk.

In time uploaded pictures make the weather feel real. Say MoWeather is something like Kickstarter or American Idol of weather app if the combination of Yahoo! Weather and Flickr is a celebrity. Although Yahoo! Weather raise your attention of its photography from Flickr weather community support, MoWeather is considerable on making participance in weather report much more easily. Ordinary people may not have fancy camera to shoot nice pictures but most likely we use smartphone. Share your picture with friends on social network afterward. That's what people like to do with app nowadays. What's more, all other pictures on Explore session are sharable on different platforms. When you happen to capture a nice picture out there, that place might be the destination of your next vacation.

Beyond picture social function, MoWeather is also a feature-rich lead app in terms of forecast content including language switch, different account login, cover picture change, follow/unfollow, climate unit switch, wind & pressure information, real feel and even sunrise and sunset times. "I enjoy using this app. It's like each time I update I got little surprise. Can't wait to see their next innovation." Said a MoWeather user.

MoWeather now is partnering with Mobogenie Market on Android 1.2.1 initial release project. Keep an eye on Mobogenie Market. More exciting news are arriving soon.

To find out more, or to download MoWeather free of cost, please visit or

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