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Mounting Bearings Made Easy With New Hydraulic Nuts From Boltight

A new range NHL and NHM Series Hydraulic Nuts from Boltight simplifies the mounting of bearings onto tapered seatings and shafts.

Boltight Ltd has launched its new range NHL and NHM Series Hydraulic Nuts designed to simplify the mounting of bearings onto tapered seatings and shafts. Operated with a safe, easy to use hydraulic system, the nuts provide the high axial loads required for assembling bearings.

The NHL and NHM Series Hydraulic Nuts are available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate shaft diameters between 50mm to 500mm. Special threads and sizes can also be supplied. Both models are supplied with two side ports. One is fitted with a quick connect nipple. The other port is plugged as standard but can be used to connect a pressure transducer or a pressure gauge.

Boltight's hydraulic nuts have a maximum 800 bar operating pressure. The high applied force and large piston stroke ensure suitability for the most difficult applications. Ergonomic tommy bar holes make assembly easy and eyebolts are included for nut models over 30kg.

The smooth bore NHL nuts are used extensively in heavy industry and shipyards for mounting bearings, gears or propellers on tapered shafts. They can be used with threaded shafts installed with a reaction nut behind the nut. Alternatively they can be used with non-protruding shafts fitted with axial threaded holes and a reaction plate. By generating a higher force than standard threaded nuts, the applications for this design are very versatile.

NHM nuts can be used for mounting and dismounting bearings directly onto a tapered shaft, through a conical adapter or withdrawal sleeve. They are designed specifically to reduce the operational time spent on installing or dismantling a bearing.

Both models are suitable for use with Boltight's standard air driven hydraulic pumps, hand pumps and hydraulic hoses fitted with quick connect couplings. Ancillary equipment is available ex stock. The nuts are supplied with pressure test certification and a comprehensive operating and safety manual.

Said Boltight Engineering Manager, Dave Metzger: "Mounting bearings onto tapered seatings and shafts can be difficult and time-consuming. These new hydraulic nuts make it a quick and easy operation."

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