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Mount Anywhere LED Closing in on the Final Week

LED crowdfunding product closes in on its final week. Revolutionary mounting technique for linear lighting.

New Kickstarter Campaign is on Target to Reach its Goal for its Innovative 'Mount Anywhere LED'

The Mount Anywhere LED has been designed to put energy efficient and bright LED light wherever there is a flat surface.

Costa Mesa/CA/USA 06 March 2014- The product design group Ridgeback Lighting, that specializes in electronic products and has over thirty years of electrical engineering experience, has today announced that it has reached the thirty percent stage of funding for its Kickstarter campaign, the Mount Anywhere LED.

"We came up with the idea of the Mount Anywhere LED when we were faced with the various challenges the multitude of different bracket system for linear LED systems had. We couldn't simply dismount the LED, but were forced to use the LED's bracket, which was made of plastic or a piece of sheet metal which meant that it was flimsy or you couldn't get it to align properly, plus they were really expensive," said Clayton Heiser. "So we came up with the bracket-less, energy efficient and super bright Mount Anywhere LED system. We printed 3D parts for fit testing and got to work on several prototypes. When we found the perfect solution, we launched our Kickstarter campaign and we're pleased to say that we've hit thirty percent of our target amount, which is $4,500. Once we hit our goal, we'll have enough to make the tooling dies for production."

For more information and to watch the video on the Mount Anywhere LED, as well as pledge towards this unique, innovative, energy efficient and bright LED light, visit the Kickstarter campaign page - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1749518521/mount-anywhere-led.

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