Mostly About Chocolate Blog Releases World City Guides

For the first time ever a chocolate blog called Mostly About Chocolate has released a guide to the chocolate shops in cities around the world.

Combining personal reviews about these shops with expertise in chocolate, the Mostly About Chocolate blog has created what must be every chocolate lover's must-have guide.

The first guides to be released are London, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Berlin and Toronto. Each of these cities have a number of chocolate shops included with reviews for each chocolate shop. This ensures before choosing which shops to visit, the chocolate tourist is prepared with the knowledge of what to expect.

Each chocolate shop review talks to the type of chocolate one can expect from it. With a chocolate expert behind most of the reviews, the dedication to top notch, mid-range and bulk chocolate reviews is admirable. By diversifying the range of chocolate reviewed, the shop reviews ensure there is something for everyone.

By travelling the world to personally review chocolate shops, Judith Lewis behind the Mostly About Chocolate blog has ensured each chocolate shop has been reviewed and has earned a place in the guide. While not restricted to high quality chocolate only, more of an emphasis on high quality chocolate will be noticed.

Globally, there are hundreds of chocolate shops and this set of city reviews is just the beginning. When combined with the International Women's Day chocolatiers blog post featuring some of the most amazing women of chocolate including women from all over the world, the Mostly About Chocolate blog is well on the way to creating a comprehensive guide to the world of chocolate all over the globe.

Chocolate is a very personal taste and so from Bandy Brooks chocolates mass manufactured from somewhat lower quality chocolate with a higher sweetness level in Berlin to Tcho made by Nasa engineers in San Francisco there is something for everyone reviewed by an Academy of Chocolate Awards judge.

The Mostly About Chocolate blog continues to innovate with information and reviews found nowhere else. By creating these city guides for every reader this chocolate blog has ensured its readers continue to get the best information available.

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