Popular Cars in India

Most Popular International and Domestic Cars Available in India

Nowadays, car is an essential entity in our life. In India, there are various types of new cars available in different categories. Cars are not only for luxury purpose which is more necessity also.

Most popular international and domestic cars available in India
Nowadays, cars have become a necessity and everyone is interested in buying cars for comfort and convenience.Automobile companies are working very hard to give performance oriented and affordable cars to the people. There are so many new cars and popular cars available in India.

International and local model cars:
These days, Indian automobile market has become the main destination for international automobile companies, because more profit can be earned by introducing variety of models here. Most of the international companies like Hyundai, Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Honda etc. made an entry to Indian market and playing important role in automobile industry in India. On the other hand, local companies like Maruti, Tata motor etc. are also keeping their pace in the market by facing the competition.

Different car models available in India:
Most of the people are buying new models and brands of cars nowadays. Maruti Suzuki is manufacturing many cars from lower range to higher range to be affordable by all sorts of people. The most popular cars in India include

• Maruti Swift: This car was introduced in 2005. It has become so popular in the market that most of the people at that time bought this car. The sporty look of this car gave attractive look. The performance of this car is very good. The car is very comfortable and spacious. Maruti is also having many small cars which are suitable for small families.

• Hyundai: Hyundai company is manufacturing both small cars and big cars. In small cars, Santro, i10, Eon are very famous. These cars give high performance and are fuel efficient.

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Popular Cars in India