Most Offices Now Enforcing Energy-Saving And Eco-Friendly Practices, Study By Tech Blog Reveals

Businesses are increasingly adopting energy-efficient technology for work and production, according to a recent study by tech blog

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Tech blog recently released results of a study about how printing processes and equipment are going 'green'. Results from the survey show that more and more printing equipment manufacturers are making 'green' products and more offices and businesses are buying them.

The 'green' movement is about three principal things; saving energy, protecting the environment and using biodegradable (organic) materials in industrial or production processes. Energy-saving devices and equipment are not new, and have been around for decades. They regulate their use of energy by sensing periods of low or no activity and reducing power consumption accordingly. Printing equipment manufacturers are also producing equipment that contain ergonomic devices and parts that sense idle states and can lower energy consumption as required.

Printing (such as flyer printing, vinyl banners printing, large format printing, poster printing and other corporate printing services) is one of the most commonly carried-out operations in offices globally and networked printers serving multiple offices are a standard feature of any organization nowadays. These printers usually take up significant kilowatt-hours (KWh) of electricity and are a major contributor to an office's electric bill. Having energy-efficient and eco-friendly printers and other office equipment that switch off themselves when not in use and self-manage tasks according to priority and volume can save costs and energy in real-time.

Many businesses are now reporting the use of such energy-efficient and eco-friendly solutions for printing, copying, faxing and other office activities, according to the survey by
"Being the manager of a small business I know how much savings can mean for a growing business. By doing things smaller, cleaner and faster we are able to keep costs down and improve productivity.

Adopting energy-efficient and eco-friendly equipment means we save on power and other resources such as ink and paper by only using what we need at any point in time," says a survey respondent.
Organizations are starting to implement 'green' policies from the ground-up, and we are seeing a rise in energy-efficient, work-optimized and eco-friendly office spaces.

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