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More Flexibility for Customers, Says Uncle Buck, Long Established UK Payday Loans Lender

Uncle Buck is trialling a three month instalment product and moving to round the clock funding for qualifying new and repeat loans, giving more flexibility for customers.

Uncle Buck always encourages potential borrowers to carefully consider their borrowing requirements and indeed, whether they need to borrow at all. Uncle Buck is one of the longest established UK payday loans lenders and is now trialling a three-month instalment product alongside its more familiar single repayment product to increase flexibility of options for customers.

Uncle Buck believes consumers should have a choice of, and access to credit.

This product trial will be a starting point to understand the products today's consumers in the short term credit market are looking for. Small sum, short term loans are not suitable as a means of longer term borrowing and would be expensive if used in this way. However spreading repayments over three months can be a useful way of managing borrowing whilst not having to sustain repayments over a longer term.

Uncle Buck is also moving to round the clock funding for qualifying new and repeat loans, meaning that our customers can access funding when it is convenient to them, but being reassured that our thorough and comprehensive checks are still being carried out.

For more information and to learn more detail about Uncle Buck please visit http://www.unclebuck.co.uk.

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