More Cash for Junk Cars Atlanta Announces New Video Marketing Campaign

Atlanta junk car removal company teams up with local Internet marketing firm to produce "Atlanta Junk Car of the Week" video marketing series.

​With over 5 million people in the metro area, Atlanta boasts some of the worst traffic in the United States. With those millions of citizens comes tens of thousands of junk cars, which makes the junk car removal industry a highly competitive business venture in the Atlanta market.

From an Internet marketing perspective, compounding the aggressive nature of local competition with the fact that the junk car industry is not interesting or complex in nature, sometimes marketing a junk car company can be a difficult challenge. To combat this challenge, a local Atlanta cash for junk cars company has partnered with Atlanta SEO company Captivate Search Marketing to produce a unique video marketing campaign called "Junk Car of the Week."

"In all my years of promoting local businesses on the web, this project posed a tremendous challenge because, lets face it, there is nothing sexy about junk cars," said Chris J. Everett, the President of Captivate Search Marketing and local SEO specialist. "What we've come up with is a whimsical, light-hearted video marketing campaign designed to entertain local consumers while informing them of their options on selling their junk cars for cash."

The video marketing campaign, which debuted on February 15, 2013, features More Cash For Junk Cars Atlanta owner Ronnie Hodges interviewing local customers about their experiences with their junk cars before he buys them and tows the unwanted vehicles away. To date some of the videos have featured cars with broken axles, and cars that just didn't run or had been in accidents, as well as junk cars that were actually owned by car mechanics who felt they were beyond repair.

Each "Atlanta Junk Car of the Week" video can be found on More Cash For Junk Cars Atlanta's YouTube channel, Google+ page, DailyMotion page, as well as on their website blog. Founded in 2007, More Cash For Junk Cars Atlanta is a junk car removal company that purchases junk cars throughout metro Atlanta. Located at 1170 Peachtree St. NE #1261 Atlanta, GA 30309, More Cash For Junk Cars Atlanta sets up appointments to meet vehicle owners at their homes and tows away their unwanted vehicles at cost to them.

Local SEO company Captivate Search Marketing was founded in 2009 and provides Atlanta businesses with affordable search engine marketing services.

If you'd like to learn more about More Cash For Junk Cars Atlanta, or if you'd like to be featured as the Atlanta Junk Car of the Week, visit their website or call (404) 468-4589. To find out more about Captivate Search Marketing feel free to call (404) 953-2406.

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