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Moon Valley Floors Creates Art In Functional Places

The last great expanse in every house to show your style is the one nobody thinks about. Now, with new textiles and techniques, Moon Valley Floors helps create art where nobody thought was possible.

It takes a creative mind and an entrepreneurial genius to find a new way to add spice to the crowded market of custom home remodeling, but that is exactly what Terry Bowland of Moon Valley Floors has done. By examining the most used but least recognized part of the home - the floor - he has come up with exciting new designs that breathe new life into houses, whether it is for the family to continue to enjoy for years to come or to prepare the home as it goes on the market.

"We are always on the lookout for the newest floors on the market, making sure that the products are well-made and come with the best warranties." With over thirty years of experience in the custom flooring business, Mr. Bowland knows exactly what his customers are looking for, and he isn't going to shortchange them. "It's real simple. We know you're busy and we want your business, and your friends and family's business, and that's how we grow. 99% of our business comes from referrals. We are not happy 'til you are happy."

When they are consulted about a home remodel and installing a new floor, they take the time to meet with the customer and ask the important questions. What kind of lifestyle does the family have? Are there pets in the house? What kind of look are they going for? All of these go into consideration for Terry and his staff of experienced professionals, so that when they return to the client's house, it is not simply to install a new floor but to create a work of art.

A well-made and custom designed floor does more than just provide a place to walk. It can create a flow from one room to the next, bringing all the disparate elements of a house together and adding an element of unity to everything. This, in turn, can help a homeowner find the perfect way to decorate the house and turn it from a collection of rooms into something more striking and dynamic. For all the time people spend in their home, they seem to only regard the floor when it is time to clean it. By having a custom design floor from Moon Valley Floors, they can instead have a work of art that they are proud to share with all of their friends and have a look that others are envious of.

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