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Monsters, Crows and a Cold Case

Ripple Digital Publishing launches three new books just in time for summer reading. Monster Talk, an original story provides entertainment for preschoolers, while Aristotle & Galileo and a Murder of Crows are perfect fits for ages 7-12.

Read Along Monster Talk is an interactive ebook that uses a story about colourful fun loving monsters to communicate the importance of living in harmony and not sweating the small stuff. The book shares how these monsters made a big deal out of something small and drove everyone into an emotional rollercoaster.

Monster Talk is an enhanced storybook, allowing each unique monster shares their own vocals by tapping on them throughout the book. At the end of the book, a series of questions based on memory and topics to talk about with children can be shared with daughters, sons or students. It's a great book for first time readers. Read Along Monster Talk can be downloaded from the Apple iBookstore or Amazon Kindle.

Aristotle & Galileo and A Murder of Crows are the 2013 winners of the Kids Write 4 Kids Creative Challenge. The annual challenge, heading into its third year, collects entries from youth original story to share. Selected authors have their ebooks published, with the proceeds from the sales designated to a charity. The proceeds from the 2013 winners are being used to support the National Reading Campaign.

Thirteen year old, Yeji Kim penned Aristotle & Galileo from her home in Coquitlam, BC. Born in South Korea, Yeji immigrated to Canada at the age of two. Yeji is stimulated by her senses loving to bake, eat, draw, watch movies, write and of course sleep. In Artistotle & Galileo, Yeji paints the picture of a new detective's first encounter solving a cold case. The cold cases clue to being resolved is linked to Aristotle's theory of gravity and Galileo's attempt to disprove him. Aristotle & Galileo can be downloaded from the Apple iBookstore or Amazon Kindle.

Thirteen year old author Maisy Beo shares the tale, A Murder of Crows. The story she shares was based on how she felt as a child when her mom read her a specific poem. A native of Gatineau, Quebec, she remembers the poem wasn't as scary as she made it out to be, but at that young age, she recalls being nervous. A Murder of Crows, depicts how a poem about crows becomes Marceline's reality. A murder of Crows, can be downloaded from the Apple iBookstore or Amazon Kindle.

The third annual Kids Write 4 Kids creative challenge will begin this fall, and will be open to children across North America to enter their stories for an opportunity to become a published author before they leave elementary school.

About Kids Write 4 Kids
Ripple Digital Publishing started its annual Kids Write 4 Kids creative challenge to provide an opportunity for youth to share their creative, passionate and pure stories. Our sense of self, creativity and ambition grow from the support we had during our youth. We hope that by providing young people with an opportunity to share their stories, we will do our part to encourage literacy and celebrate youth.

All net proceeds from the sale of any KW4K book are donated to charities that help support literacy. The 2013 charity of choice is National Reading Campaign.

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