Money Calling Leaps Into Top 5 On Youtube

When it comes to the battle for top rapper from NY, E-reign is making his mark. Find out more about it in this news feature.

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E-reign of ESM Entertainment is now involved in a furious battle of the best underground rappers from NY. On February 4, 2014 the rapper released a new single entitled 'Money Calling' to the youtube community and since its release the single has been doing very well. It has catapulted New York rapper E-reign to the top 5 rappers from NY on youtube and created a heavily heated battle for the top spot.

In a recent interview with E-reign he said "I'm loving and appreciateing the love and support money calling is receiving but theirs still plenty of work to be done." showing the world that he is in no way prepared to back down from this challenge. "Money calling can benefit long island by putting my city on the map along with showing the people from my city and other cities grinding towards what you believe in can and will open doors for your future." said E-reign when asked how he thought the record 'Money Calling' could benefit the city of Long Island.

E-reign also mentioned that he is just wrapping up the creation process of his new album. When asked what one person he would love to do some music with, fellow New York rapper Nas was the answer. If he keeps on going this way I am sure Nas would be delighted to oblige. In the mean time it is apparent that his focus is on the success of the record 'Money Calling' and his new album.

Money Calling is available on AmazonMP3

Take a listen to 'Money Calling' on youtube now.


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