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Modern Day Businesses Embrace Online Marketing to Strengthen Their Marketing Cause

The Alexis Agency is a household name in the field of advertising and brand management and also the winner of local Addy awards for building effective brand strategies and creative excellence.

About 20 years ago, most businesses and major companies around the world were still scratching their heads and wondering how best to use the internet. Most marketing heads were at loggerheads with their advertising departments as they thought that internet marketing would not have any success and companies venturing down that road would get on the fast track to extinction. However, in the modern world social media marketing and internet marketing are absolutely essential for the growth in popularity of any business. A shocking statistic states that 78% of the people who have internet conduct research with regard to the product on the web. As a result, more than 78% of the B2C and B2B marketers use the help of this phenomenon to market their products.

The overall internet usage around the world has also shot up by leaps and bounds in the past two decades. From just 16 million users back in 1995, the internet had more than a billion users within a decade and had also crossed the 2.2 billion mark by 2011 itself. Moreover, the number of people using the Internet is still being projected to rise by whopping 10% every year. One of the main factors in the continuous rise of the Internet is the growth of developing and third world countries. An increase in mobile usage and cheap mobile technology and services has also gone a long way in getting more and more people into the fold of the Internet.

Such has been the growth in the use and demand of the net, that most firms nowadays have begun to realize the true potential of proper and channelized Internet marketing. The past few years have witnessed a major shift in trends from traditional marketing and advertising practices to jazzy, innovative and creative brand management, digital management and online marketing strategies. Moreover, apart from the internet and Search Engines themselves, social media has transformed the way people live. In the modern world, almost every man, woman, child and even their dog have accounts on at least one social media site. Further, studies have also shown that people are willing to pay twice the market rates for brands and products that have been marketed in these social media sites. As a result, the need and impact of social media marketing have kept increasing day by day.

The Alexis Agency ( is one such award winning public relations, marketing and advertising firm in Charlotte, NC. It boasts of a very impressive international portfolio, a great planning and design team and top talent of the advertising world. They have continued to grow from strength to strength with the help of successful Internet marketing and brand development programs which have gone a long way in boosting their clients image and visibility in the public eye.

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