MobileBizBox Expands SMS Marketing to Serve SMS Reseller Market in the United Kingdom

MobileBizBox, a premier provider of SMS Marketing tools, solutions and support services, now serves SMS resellers in the United Kingdom.

In the age of modern technology characterized by mobile phone ownership, entrepreneurs recognize the benefits of utilizing the form of media for direct advertising. Considering that over 90% of individuals in the United States own a mobile phone, with each sending and receiving a total of about 4.1 billion text messages, is no surprise that Short Message Service or SMS Marketing is gaining massive popularity. Studies show that text marketing is deemed 10 times more effective than newspaper advertising, and 5 times better than direct mail in producing results.

With clients eager to spend advertising dollars, but hesitant to make a bad advertising choice on ineffective advertising, the time to become a mobile marketing consultant is now. MobileBizBox, a mobile marketing leader, provides the essential support.

MobileBizBox is focused on supporting consultants, advertising agencies, and other marketers in the Mobile SMS Marketing arena. The company provides all the tools that a Mobile Marketing Consultant should be equipped with, including a Mobile Website Design tool, an SMS (text message) Marketing System, a Mobile App Creation tool, and an advanced QR Code manager.

As the SMS marketing landscape forms part of an ever-evolving tech industry, MobileBizBox makes it a point to be constantly be on the forefront of cutting-edge mobile solutions. The company strives for continual alignment of its assets and goals with its customer base.

MobileBizBox has a worldwide customer base of over 600 companies and SMBs spanning marketing agencies, consultants, and entrepreneur. Further strengthening its global presence, the company is now ready to serve the needs of every SMS reseller in the United Kingdom.

In the expansion of its services to the UK, MobileBizBox will provide clients with top-of-the-line tools used to power their Mobile Marketing Campaigns. The leading marketing solutions SMS provider takes pride in its advanced software platform designed to enable resellers to build their own mobile marketing businesses.

By gaining access to the innovative tools and reliable support from MobileBizBox, no UK-based SMS resellers will have to pay for several different SMS provider services. Everything that an SMS reseller will ever need to boost marketing efforts and get desired results is offered by MobileBizBox.

To learn more about the perfect SMS marketing solutions now available to UK SMS resellers, please visit for information.

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