Mobile Innovations in Healthcare from Intellectsoft

Intellectsoft delivers a brand new healthcare-related application for iPhone and iPad

It's a well-known fact that health is above wealth therefore Intellectsoft is dead serious about all its healthcare apps and this new one is not an exception. Please welcome Physio - a helping hand, a home nurse, whatever it is called - it's just superb!

Physio will help people recover after hip or knee replacement operations providing a set of physical exercises with detailed video-, photo- and text- instructions. For quick and user-friendly navigation all the exercises are divided by the body area (knee, hip, etc.), then by the group of exercises (pre surgery, post-surgery, home exercises, advanced home exercises) and after have chosen the group user is to choose exercise type (advanced exercise 1, 2, ankle pumps, etc.). But that's not all the pluses of the app: it also gives a possibility to set reminders for user not to miss the exercises' time or appointment to see the doctor. In the contact section user will easily find the nearest hospitals and all the contact information needed, including the location map, telephone numbers, etc. Besides there is an advice section providing additional and extremely handy medical information for users.

The app is user-friendly and easy to deal with due to smooth design. Moreover, the Physio application works equally for iPhone and iPad, because Intellectsoft wants all the users to stay healthy and happy!

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