MMOBUX Interviews Joost Van Dreunen (CEO of SuperData Market Intelligence)

On November 5th 2012, MMOBUX has a chance to interview with Joost van Dreunen, a CEO of SuperData; an online gaming market intelligence site. Main focus of the interview is the overall research on the virtual currency market.

MMOBUX a leading digital economy research website, interviews Joost van Dreunen - CEO of SuperData; a website that provides market intelligence about online games. Their primary goal is to provide companies that are active in the gaming industry the best insight into online, digital and mobile gaming. In effect, the company's research portfolio consist of projects that they handled for big gaming companies such as SEGA, EA, Pokemon, and major Wall street firms. The company's research comprises of surveys, internal audits, key performance indicators, comparative metrics and external analytics.

The interview article mainly discusses the overall research on the virtual currency market. The interviewee gives a brief description about his company, primary goals and future expansion plans.

According to Joost - one of the major advantage for gamers is the wide variety of options available to them in order to specialize their in-game character for uniquness. In light of that, he further discusses the role of good decision making in terms of playing games and continues to expand on the drawbacks and concerns during production, mainly due to data paralysis. As quoted from the interview piece, Joost states that the question should never be, "What data should we track?" but, "What do we want to know?" He further explains that understanding the difference between the two questions, although difficult, is in fact vital for successful productions, especially for smaller developers.

Further on in the interview, the CEO discusses the role of gamers' spending on online money in virtual game environments as the start or 'blueprint' of the future of online consumer spending. In regards to the research website's expansion plans, Joost sees the next few years as a research opportunity for SuperData, with their reach just recently expanding into Asia, mainly Korea, China, Malaysia and Japan. As such, the site effectively gathers market data about games on a global scale which promotes comparative studies. Joost also shares information on recent changes to the analyst team to support their new research program.

Besides providing his opinion on the developments and future of digital economy, the CEO shares some additional insight into Zynga's much discussed business model. It is estimated from several news and surveys that Zynga is not at the end, but that the company will strive and fight back to reposition itself in the market. The interview can be seen at

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