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Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight: An Astrologer's Perspective On Possibilities Of Aircraft Recovery

Rajitha Kalpradha from the Chennai Metropolitan Area in India, explains the unfortunate fate of the MH370 flight from an Astrological perspective.

The circumstances surrounding the missing Malaysian Airlines plane have baffled experts all over the world, prompting over 27 countries to rally together in a desperate search to unravel the 239 people aboard the aircraft. Putting an end to all the speculations is the official statement concluding that the plane crashed in the southern part of the Indian Ocean, crushing all hope that families of the passengers had been clinging onto for the past two weeks.

As the Indian Ocean is among the deepest and least navigated waters, it remains a challenge for all of the world's mightiest and most modern aviation and marine technologies to recover parts of the sunken aircraft.

Astrologically speaking, the missing MH370 will remain unfound, according to Rajitha Kalpradha, who points to the circumstances during which the aircraft went missing.

Rajitha Kalpradha is a modern astrologer based in Chennai Metropolitan Area in India. Believing and following intuitive predictions based on natal charts, she takes Astrology as a true science requiring a lengthy and continuous watch on the planetary movements and its effects on human kind.

The missing MH370 flight, according to Rajitha Kalpradha, was taken off was on a Saturday that was said to be "Sthiravaaram" coupled with Rohini Star 2nd Charan, which is called "Sakata Bhedam". Looking through the Navaamsha Chart, she points to a conjunction of four planets, namely Saturn Sun Ketu and Moon which is Vargothama, and aspected by Mars, a planet of war, in Taurus which is also a Sthira Rashi. The Saturn Ketu conjunction will end up in a similar situation.

"This combination is a rare and the result will be unfound or rather kept [in the] dark forever," said Rajitha Kalpradha. "Moreover, at the time of flying Raahu's Ashtamsa as per Prashna Maarga, more importance is given to Ashtamsa than Rahu Kaalam. This attributes a lot to the fate of the flight which has never been located by the many searching nations even after 10 days of its flying day," she added.

Rajitha Kalpradha also specializes in intuitive, solution-based guidance. She is also a believer of Astronumerology, which points to the relationship between astronomical phenomena and events in the human world. An astrologer by chance, she also believes in Name and Pronology, which is the study of the vibrations, meaning and pronunciation in a name. In addition, Rajitha Kalpardha also practices Muhurtham, which is essentially about finding the auspicious time of a day for an important event such as marriage.

To find out more about Rajitha Kalpradha and her astrological analysis of the missing Malaysian Airlines plane, please visit http://tinyurl.com/kalprdha for information and consultation.

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