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Minsterstone Announces Website Makeover

Minsterstone: Modern Website, Traditional Stone Masonry. Minsterstone recently got a website makeover. The new website also provides information on the techniques used to manufacture certain pieces.

Minsterstone, long known for its work in fireplaces, paving stones, ornamental stones, and memorial stone products recently got a website makeover. The new site offers easy navigation, a vast array of beautifully photographed products such as buildings, fountains, birdbaths, stone paving, and of course the stunning fireplaces for which Minsterstone is so well known. The new website also provides information on the techniques used to manufacture certain pieces.

Some things, however, have not changed. Minsterstone continues to offer the highest level of customer service as well as quality stone products.

Minsterstone's stone items are still hand crafted by trained stone masons. Additionally, Minsterstone continues to use the generous stores of West County limestone to achieve the shapes, colors, and textures that mark their products as unique and pleasing to the eye. The limestone they use has historical as well as aesthetic value. The stores in Portland and Dorset were used in the restoration of St Paul's after the Fire of London in 1666.

Some of their top selling objects are semi-dry cast and wet cast architectural stone which comes in a variety of textures and colors. The dry cast stone is especially popular outdoors because if it is damaged, it can be repaired almost invisibly.

Perhaps one of the best-known products manufactured by Minsterstone is the stone fireplace. The company over 30 different models of fireplaces with themes ranging from Tudor arches to French provincial to handmade brick. Minsterstone cautions its clients that "Minster" fireplaces are manufactured only in Somerset and are only available for purchase from Minsterstone and from clearly named distributors. If it doesn't have the Minster mark, they warn, it's not made by Minsterstone.

Other Minsterstone products include stone paving, memorials and garden ornaments.

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