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Minimize the Cost Impact of Rising Natural Gas Prices with Whalenado HVLS Fans

To meet the increasing demand by consumers to lower their natural gas consumption and cost, the Whalenado HVLS range of ceiling mounted fans are now available from Northern Dock Systems.

To meet the increasing demand by consumers to lower their natural gas consumption and cost, the Whalenado HVLS range of ceiling mounted fans are now available from Northern Dock Systems.

Designed and engineered by Envira-North Systems Ltd. in Seaforth Ontario, Whalenado HVLS fans are distributed exclusively by Northern Dock Systems, an industry leader in the sales and service of HVLS industrial fans.

"Our priority is to produce a high quality, maximum performance product that exceeds the customer's expectation. Matching that integrity with Northern Dock unsurpassed service, before and after the sale is essential". explains Philip Ashwin, Vice-President at Envira-North Systems. Kirby Moore, President of Northern Dock continues "representing a superior product simplifies our efforts and provides our customers with unsurpassed cooperative effort from project inception to completion and beyond."

Designed to Lower Operating Costs by Reducing Energy Consumption

Whalenado HVLS fans stabilize facility temperatures to reduce heat loss in the winter and generate a cooling effect in summer months. In combination with current utility energy saving rebate programs, Whalenado HVLS fans can provide:

1. An average return on investment between 1-2 years from a reduction in natural gas consumption combined with available utility rebates.

2. A 5-9 degree Celsius cooling effect that improves employee working conditions during the summer cooling cycle

3. A reduction in heating costs of approximately 1% for every foot of ceiling height

4. A savings of approximately 6% for every degree a thermostat does not have to be lowered to achieve the desired cooling in the summer

5. Reduced year-round energy consumption as compared to conventional fans due to a more efficient motor

6. Improved employee comfort resulting in less frequent employee breaks due to heat stress

"This is an exciting time for our customers and the planet" advises Chris Brady, VP of Sales at Northern Dock Systems. "Never before has a customer been able to recoup on average 40% of their investment in the first year while having a positive impact on the environment".

More About Whalenado HVLS Fans and Whalepower Technology

The Whalenado HVLS fan is the industry's best five-blade HVLS fan engineered and designed exclusively in Canada to offer efficient and effective performance whilst lowering natural gas consumption, thereby reducing operating costs. Available in a variety of span dimensions (8, 12, 16, 20 and 24 foot models) - Whalenado HVLS fans help ensure the maintenance of stable appropriate area temperatures, avoiding unnecessary fluctuations which can drive unnecessary energy consumption which results in higher heating bills. This results in a 'win/win' result...lower cost to the customer...reduced carbon footprint.

Originally developed and tested at Harvard University and the US Naval Academy, Whalepower Technology combines fluid dynamics and biometrics to maximize the airfoils' effectiveness in motion. Harnessing the same aerodynamics that allow whales to move quickly through water, Whalepower Technology is designed to produce larger movements of air while using less energy to do so.

Starting today, Northern Dock Systems will be donating $50.00 from each fan purchase to help support the Canadian Whale Institute in their support to save Canadian whales.

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About Northern Dock Systems Inc.

Northern Docks Systems Ltd. ( is an industry leader in the sales and service of loading dock equipment, industrial and pharmaceutical doors and high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) industrial fans. Recognized as one of Canada's Top 500 Fastest Growing Companies by Profit magazine, Northern Dock Systems develops and provides total solutions for its customers which result in economic benefits through improvements in safety, productivity and energy efficiency.

About Envira-North Systems Ltd.

Envira-North Systems Ltd. recognizes a need to reduce energy consumption by contributing to the effectiveness of heating, cooling and ventilation systems worldwide. They manufacture Whalenado high-volume, low-speed fans as part of their innovative ventilation solutions serving markets on six continents through highly qualified and trained distribution partners.


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Northern Dock Systems

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