Minds4Art Opens Revamped Website Offering New Products

Minds4Art has reopened its website and is now offering newer and better products than ever. As a bonus, these items can be customized and personalized.

Minds4Art has changed its website, offering more and better products to the public. While the main items used to be photo prints, bookmarks, calendars and other similar products, there are now hundreds of items available.

Minds4Art.com, the main website, currently features items that are made available through the product design site, Zazzle. The artist, Jeannette Payne, has integrated her many artistic designs and photographs onto prints, posters, kitchen accessories, garments, and dozens of other such things. There are even phone cases and laptop bags donning her designs. These artistic products are now featured on Minds4Art.com.

While Visitors to the site can only see a portion of the products that the artist has designed at the moment, there will be more added. Images are included with each description. To find out more about each item, an individual only has to click on the image. Through this link, the person can also find the tools to customize or personalize the item.

Ms. Payne has literally included her designs on over a thousand products. These items can be found on her Zazzle store, Zazzle.com/Minds4Art. There will be more designs added to the store in the near future. The artist would like to invite the public to check out her items on the Zazzle store or her main site.

Ms. Payne also encourages anyone who loves art to try out this product design site. There are already many people showing off their talents and selling items with their own designs. She states that the Zazzle site is a wonderful forum for budding artists and entrepreneurs to obtain recognition and sales.

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